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What is the most important value you would pass on to your child?
Okay, wait, slow down a minute there. You say that like it's a given that I either have one or am gonna have one. I don't and I hopefully won't. Kids bug the shit out've me. There're some exceptions, but for the most part, they're annoying an' manage to get in the way of everything. They're a helluva responsibility, too. If I did knock somebody up an' a kid came out've it, hell, I dunno what I'd tell it. I'm not the best person to be teaching anybody 'bout values.

If I did have one, though, there're a lot've things I'd want the it to have or I'd try to teach it, like intelligence, curiosity, an' confidence. But none of that's quite a value, considering that a value--according to (ha, look at the effort I'm puttin' in here)--is a principle, standard, or quality. I'm sure this's what most people're answering with, but I guess the one value I'd teach a kid is loyalty. It'd be damn hypocritical if I tried to tell it about anything else; pretty much any other value you can name, I don't have or I've broken in some way. Loyalty, though, is an important thing; you find the people you care about an' you stay with 'em, or you make a commitment and you stick to it. That I can understand, and that I can do.
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August 28 2004, 19:07:04 UTC 12 years ago

And your brother was one of those exceptions?

Loyalty. That's an admirable idea.

-Dr. Laylor
Yeah. Look, I'm not sayin' I hate kids. I like my nieces and nephews, and I liked a couple've my half brothers and sisters when they were younger. I'm just sayin' that I wouldn't want one of my own.

So fuckin' glad you approve.