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Would you rather lead or follow? Why? What role do you see yourself playing out over your life, leader or follower?
I've done both, an' I liked both okay. Leadin' back in the slums gave me a kind've power that I never would've had the chance to have otherwise; it was almost like a natural high. An' I was good at it, too; the Digs did damn good while I was their leader. They flourished. I was one've the most powerful people in the slums, blah blah blah, we've all heard this before. That was the good stuff. The bad was that bein' a leader makes you a big fat fucking target, and that it hands you a shitload of responsibility.

I've been following orders from Tseng -- which are really from fatass Heidigger, which are really from fatass Loudon ShinRa -- for the past couple've years, and that really ain't so bad. It sucks once in a while that I'm not leading an' I'm not makin' up the rules, so I have to go in to work at eight in the fucking morning, but overall, yeah, my vote'd be not too bad. I give Tseng a hard time about shit sometimes, but when he tells me to do something, I do it. If that makes me a follower, then yeah, I'd say I like being a follower better than a leader. Only being responsible for myself and leaving the tough choices up to my bosses is fuckin' fine with me.

And as a side note, I fucking hate Midgar in August.
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