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stupid quiz
I don't see the fucking point in doing this. But hey, it's the doc's idea, and whatever the doc wants, the doc fucking gets or Tseng will have my head.

As per her instructions, bolded the shit that I thought applied to me.

eXpressive: 9/10
Practical: 5/10
Physical: 9/10
Giver: 1/10

You are a XPYT--Expressive Practical Physical Taker. This makes you a Player.

You are clever, sexy and sexually oriented. You know what you want and how to get it. You command attention in a room of strangers, as your charisma, your personality and your spending habits are all oriented toward making an impression on your target sex. You pay attention to details.

You reel people in easily
, but have a harder time keeping them around since you are just as demanding in a long term relationship as you are on a night out. Combine your demanding nature with the fact that you're hard to keep up with and easily bored, and you get a recipe for problems with fidelity.

In a conflict, you're brutal -- you know how to unleash one cutting remark that turns a normal fight into a brawl or a breakup. Your general attitude is you just don't have time for fighting -- if you feel like your current partner doesn't understand you, you know you can find another one.

You may see yourself in a parent and dislike his/her choices, so you want to avoid them for yourself. You feel confined by social pressures, both to pair up and stay paired. It will (and should) take you years to settle (and for you, it may really feel like you're settling).

Please use a condom.

Of the 43637 people who have taken this quiz, 7.4 % are this type.

Actually, s'not bad at all. It's sort've close.
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September 5 2004, 18:23:03 UTC 12 years ago

You didn't bold that you have a hard time keeping people around, that you're avoiding a parent's choices, or that you feel confined by social pressures. Explain why.

-Dr. Laylor
I don't try to keep people around, I don't have a dad with choices to avoid and I've already made the same choices as my mother, and hell, do I seem like I'm confined by social pressures to you? I'm pretty much the opposite of everything that's fucking socially acceptable.