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Reflect on the past year in your life. Did you have children? Did you find 'God', forsake God? Did you marry? Break up? What was this past year like in your life?
Uhh, let's see, that's a big NO, no, no, hell no, an' not really (no relationships serious enough to be broken up). Nothin' big went on this year, really; I've had way more interestin' ones in the past. Mostly just worked an' partied. I've been a Turk for almost four years now; ain't much that can surprise me 'bout the job anymore, so there wasn't anything especially excitin' on that front. I've been on the Midgar bar/club scene for way longer'n that, so it was a lot've the same old shit there, too. Not to say either of those things mean bad; I found my fun.

Spent a lot've time this year workin' on the 'Vette. Lot've good that did; finally got her runnin' in June an' she lasted a grand total of three fuckin' hours before dyin' in the middle've Free Street. They were a good three hours, though, while the engine lasted. Got sentenced to answerin' questions on this damn thing by the company shrink back in August, but hell, that ain't newsworthy.

Speakin' of gettin' sentenced, I got picked up by the cops in March; s'been a while since that last happened; I'd like to think I've been better 'bout coverin' my tracks. Or maybe what happened the last time they arrested me just smartened 'em up. Either way, the fuckin' porkers wouldn't let me call anybody 'cause they knew I'd get out the second I did; rotted in a cell for three days til Tseng finally figured out where I was an' bailed me out. They won't be fuckin' with the Turks again for a while, though; El Presidente was rightfully pissed that the money that he hands over to 'em to keep their noses out've our business was clearly bein' wasted, an' they caught hell. An' their precinct building caught fire. Which I obviously had nothin' to do with.

Uhh, what else... Well, the Zoloms got to one strike from winnin' the pennant back in September, but managed to crash an' burn; that just about killed me an' half the population of Midgar. Seems to me the biggest, richest city on the continent ought to have the best team, but somehow, they always manage to fuck things up.

There just ain't much to say 'bout this year. What was it like? Enjoyable, I guess; I definitely had more fun than I did in the years where all kinds've crazy shit went down. Ordinary. As ordinary as my life gets, anyway. All in all, it wasn't a bad year.

Had way too good've a time last night; my head's killin' me. Fuck.
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