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cartoons, beauty, & regrets

How would you react if you were placed into 'Alice in Wonderland'?
I dunno; I'm not really familiar with Alice in Wonderland. Never read it. I've seen the kids' cartoon once, but I was chasin' my nephew around my living room at the time, so I wasn't really payin' much attention. There's a little blonde girl, right? An' like a disappearin' purple cat or somethin'? An' some frosty bitch shaped like a card? Fuck. I dunno.

Drabble on beauty.
When he worked for the Don, he'd hear the b-word over and over again as a stranger grunted and sweated over him, touched him. In the beginning, when he was still just a kid, he would shut his eyes and pretend not to hear it. Eventually, though, he learned how to make them say it; how to move and smile a certain way. He learned to use it to further his own devices.

He jokes about it now; calls himself pretty. He knows he has high cheekbones, delicate facial structure, deft hands, striking eyes. He knows because a multitude of men have touched those parts, told him that. But he never, ever uses the other word. To Reno, beauty means only bad.

Have you ever regretted a wish you made? Why/what happened?
Reno has always been of the no regrets mentality. If you live a life like his, you can't be open to regret, because that opens the path to a conscience and hell, if he ever grew a conscience, he'd be pretty much crippled for life. But he does have a wish that maybe wasn't very intelligent. When he was very young, his family (at that point, only he, his mother, and two younger siblings) always got letters and things from his mother's brother in Junon. He always remembered Reno's birthday, always sent little trinkets and items that he knew would interest the boy and his brother and sister, always seemed to be thinking of them. Reno wished that his uncle would come to Midgar. Eventually, he did when Reno was six; he moved in with them, helped his mother pay the bills, played with the kids… He was a good man. And within a year, he had been killed in an accident in the factory that he worked at. Midgar seemed to suck the life out of people like that. Reno, being six, couldn't help but feel like it had been his fault. He knows now that that wasn't the case, but the superstitious part of him still feels a little prod of guilt sometimes. Even at six, he had been very aware of Midgar's ability to kill people, and he had still wished that his uncle would come to see them.
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