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What can you say is truly yours?
Can't say a helluva lot is. The physical things are bought with money from ShinRa that they could take away at any second, an' it's hard to find a seriously original idea. There are an' have been so many people in the goddamn world; ever thought about that? D'you know the statistical improbability of comin' up with somethin' that no one's ever thought of before? I don't either, but I figure it's gonna be fuckin' tiny, an' if somebody else thought of it first, it ain't truly yours. Feelin' pissed? Somebody else has before. Wanna kill somethin'? Somebody else has before. Followin' that logic, I don't really own the physical things--no matter how much I love the bike an' the 'Vette--an' the feelings, emotions, an' ideas aren't 'truly mine', either. So that leaves people an' memories. You can't own people, so then I guess what really belongs to me are my experiences an' my memories. Nobody else can ever have or take away what happened t'you in the past--no matter how much you might wish they could, sometimes--, an' that's what makes the memories belong to me.
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