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Is there any truth to the saying: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Do you have enemies? Do you have more friends than enemies?
Hey, that's hardly fair, lady; the deal was for one question a week, not three.

But there's some truth to that saying, yeah. If you're close to your enemies, you know what they're doing. If you know what they're doing, you can kill 'em before they kill you. Closeness to your enemies = good in my line of work. But if you keep your enemies closer than your friends, who the fuck's gonna watch your back when you need it?

I've got plenty of people who don't like me. Gang punks who hate me from my Dig days, people whose family and friends I've killed, people I've wronged somehow... Everybody I meet seems to find some reason to dislike me (no idea why; I'm just so loveable). I don't have many people I'd call "enemies", though, 'cause that implies that they've got a certain amount of skill; that they're at least my match. An' that's rare. I've got maybe one or two individual people I'd call enemies, an' one group in particular. My enemy list has a revolving door; ladies an' gents who declare themselves my worthy adversaries don't tend to live too long. In this business, it's kill or be killed.

I've got maybe seven or eight people I'd call friends, an' three (the group counts as one) enemies. I know you prob'ly weren't expecting that specific of an answer, but hell, you've got a fancy degree. Do the fucking math.

An' by the way, Rude, I know you're fuckin' lurking an' being creepy; don't be afraid to post comments.
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