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Hey doc, I'm baaaaaaack. Tseng said I didn't hafta keep talking to you, but then I got pissed off at him for something and might've mentioned that that girly dot on his forehead would make for good target practice, and suddenly I've got nine questions to answer.

Do you confront your problems head on, or ignore them until you have to do something? Do you procrastinate?
Those ain't really the same question. I confront problems head on, yeah; I've never been a real subtle one, and I've never chosen inaction over action. But do I procrastinate? Hell yeah. Have you seen my desk yet, lady? It's like a fucking war zone of papers and reports and pictures that Tseng needed three months ago.

Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?
Yeah, I guess. I mean, you're not gonna see me jumpin' out've planes or any shit like that, but I like the rush of new places an' people an' things.

Who has had the most influence on your life?
The most influence? For making me who I am, my ma had a lot to do with it; she's a damn good woman. For influencing what happens to me, prob'ly Tseng; he pulled me out've a bad situation.

Does heartache make you stronger?
Hell no. It kills you slowly.

If you won 2,000 gil, and had to spend it, what would you spend it on?
That ain't too much money, doc. All the same, though, I'd prob'ly buy one of these puppies. It ain't plasma, but you only gave me 2000 gil, and it sure as hell beats the shitheap I've got now. I'd still have 200 gil after that, so I'd get this. Mmm, the smell of electronics in the morning.

What happened the first time you got drunk?
HAHAHA. Good question. Honestly, I don't really know; I dunno when the first time was, exactly, though I know I started around 12 or 13.

What makes you feel vulnerable and what makes you feel invulnerable, and why?
I feel vulnerable when people know shit about my past, or, worse, if they might know shit and I dunno if they do or not. I don't like it, and I don't know how they're gonna react. Did I mention I fucking hate it? I feel vulnerable when I'm physically vulnerable; when I'm shot or stabbed or whatever the fuck else. Invulnerable? Riding my bike through the city at night, runnin' lights left an' right, drivin' on the yellow lines, weavin' in an' out of traffic at top speeds.

What would you place in a personal ad if you were making one?
Dead sexy, funny redhead in search of adventurous woman unafraid of uncommitment and uncaring. Must be up for a good time.

What is the biggest lie you ever told? What were the consequences?
"Yeah. I'm okay."
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