Reno Alastare (pass_the_vodka) wrote,
Reno Alastare

What would a description of your *exact opposite* be like?
Huh. Seems like the great question askers're losin' their touch; this one's pretty easy.

Some sweet, naive, oblivious, happy "I couldn't hurt a fly" kid from the middle of fuckin' nowhere; some tiny little town where the worst thing that ever happened was a row of corn dying out before it could be harvested. Good with animals, bad with technology, good luck, all elegance an' calmness an' kindness. Never says anything worse'n "darn" or "shucks". Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, wide-eyed, dedicated, hard-working, a morning person, straight edge. Brown noser, not a risk taker, cautious, quiet, easily scandalized and frightened. Meticulous and neat in their dress, behavior, an' surroundings; afraid of getting into trouble. Never killed anybody. The very idea of torture'd make the kid blow chunks, the very word "sex"'d make the kid uncomfortable. Squeamish. Never been hurt.

The opposite of
fierce, opinionated, loyal, determined,
detached, murderer, blasphemer, borderline alcoholic, crack addict, thief, whore,
sly, manipulative, quick-witted,
lewd, crude, mouth like a sailor, mouth occasionally
on a sailor,
loud music, loudmouth, fast vehicles, faster women, leather jackets, earrings, ponytails, dyed hair, scars, guns,
killing, dying, death, disease, poverty, slumrat, insane

fiery, blood, red, hot-blooded, blood-lust, ordinary lust,
messy, rumpled, hungover, drunk,
cigarettes, vodka, anger, avoidance, anonymous sex, denial,
laughter, bitter, sharp,
electricity, caffeine, liquor, clubs, parking garages, unfamiliar beds
kidnapper, torturer, blackmailer, terrorizor, fighter,
flawed beauty, rough around and inside the edges, aching, hurting, angsting like nobody'd believe
fear, anger, false bravado, disgust, hatred,
violated, filthy, guilt, snapped, raw grief, bleeding, broken, shattered, still looking at the pieces on the floor and not bothering to try and pick them up.

His sisters called earlier and left subdued messages on his answerphone; they know damn well what today is. But he doesn't want their cautious voices and the hidden, angry blame that he hears in every word. He just wants to get blind drunk and try and forget what happened four years ago.

He simply sits at the screen for a long time, seemingly forgotten where he is. Then he shakes himself and finds it in himself to write three more stupid, forced lines.

Aww fuck, y'know who I just described, besides the elegance an' shit technology skills? Radar O'Reilly. 'Cept my opposite'd hafta be a bit more optimistic, cheerful, an' annoyingly goody-two-shoes smiley than he was.

He hits 'post', grabs a jacket and a set of keys, and blows out his door.

Those he runs into tonight will see the tenseness in his jaw and the haunted look in his green eyes and all but the most oblivious will give him a wide berth. Tonight, he needs to lose himself.

OOC - i think of the odd part as sort of a weird, stream-of-consciousness kind of look into what goes on in reno's head in a second or two during a particularly bad day. to him, each word has a connection to the next, so it's not the random barf-age of words that it probably appears to be. please disregard any weird links that turn up in my posts; am currently battling a stupid trojan that puts spam links in all've my e-mails and things. comments/rp welcome on the parts not in italics. </i>
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